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About to pull the trigger need some last minute advice

After weeks and weeks of research which consisted of YouTube videos, forum browsing on here, and test driving two different Ridgelines I've decided I'm going to purchase one on Thursday. This will be the second vehicle I've ever owned and I expect to take this one as long and as far as I can take it while keeping it maintained. I've decided on the RTL-E and the timing has worked out well as the dealer I was at last Friday had a RTL-E on its way that would arrive this week. So I put my deposit down for it and have been doing some last minute research before it arrives.

Like I said I've done a fair bit of research but some answers I could not find so I would like some input with the questions below:

1. The wiring harness recall. After looking at threads pertaining to the recall I've gathered a lot of information but can someone confirm to me if the Ridgelines that come out of production now have had this issue resolved? From what I could gather this issue affected the first batch of trucks that were produced in or before August 16. I just want to make sure I have the correct information.

2. The hesitation issue appears to only affect the front wheel drive models, is this accurate?

3. I have the pre delivery checklist that was posted here on the forums and will be looking for all of those stated issues. I'll also be driving the vehicle thoroughly before I commit to purchasing it and looking to see if there is hesitation or body rocking at stops. Any other input any new owners want to share with any additional issues to look for? Am I wrong in assuming that the more of these vehicles that are produced the less and less defects occur?

Thanks in advance for your help. I look forward to having a good inspection of RTL-E on Thursday and hopefully driving it home that night as the new owner.
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