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Re: About to pull the trigger need some last minute advice

I think all RL's have the "shake" if you look for it. Also see if you like the brake pedal feel. Not sure about the hesitation. I think it exists. I also notice it in my Accord and I think the RL (AWD) but you have to be getting on the gas kind of hard out of a corner. It's rare IMO. Most importantly, your build date on the sticker by the driver's rocker panel should be a fairly recent within the last month or so. Although minor, when I picked mine up there were "body plugs" in the console as well as a cover for the shift lock. These items were checked off as addressed on the pre delivery inspection list which I signed. Obviously my dealer just checked all of the items off and who knows what they really did. There was a razor blade on the floor and the positive battery terminal cover was in the up position. The forum helped me out on the body plugs I had no idea what they were but I just installed myself. A month or so after I got the RL, the H on the tailgate was loose. It's held in by pins and double sided tape. I took it off removed the tape and purchased some of the same size double sided tape and reinstalled. It wouldn't hurt to ask your dealer for the navi code and radio code. The actual codes and not how to get them. I'm not sure what the procedure is for an E. You should have 2 key fobs one of which will have a white attachment denoting a key code and the brake controller wire connector.

Paint imperfections, panel gaps/fit leaks. If you find any issue don't let the dealer explain it away. It may be an inconvenience but there will always be another RL. Small chance that you will have any issues with the truck itself and you know what to look for so good luck to you and enjoy the E.
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