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: What a day!

03-26-2007, 07:20 PM
Well it started when I went to meet the area service rep for Acura. My wife’s MDX was in for service. Under hard sustained turns like highway ramps the steering wheel oscillates. It's done this since we purchased the vehicle and I've had it in 5 times. I was a salesman at the dealer for 6 years so they know me and they just figure I'm being picky or driving too fast. This is true on both accounts but it shouldn't matter.

Anyway when I got to the dealer the rep wasn't there yet and was an hour out. Not his fault he didn't know someone was waiting. I couldn't wait so I headed back to work (25 min drive). As I round the ramp to the highway I notice my TPMS light was on (no sound is that normal?). I figured maybe it was just low but I pulled over to check it out. When I opened the door I could hear the air leaving the tire and it was the pass rear tire. I rushed back in the truck and looped back up the ramp to a flat spot to change the tire.

I took everything out and was about to bend down to undue the nuts when I remembered I needed to get the lock key. I looked in the back and crap left it in the garage when I installed all of the accessories. I called my buddy at the dealer to bring the masters. After two sets didn't work, they were too small. I called my wife and asked her to bring me the key. After waiting 45 min she arrived and I changed the tire.

Since the whole situation took about 1 hour and 45 minutes the rep was back at the dealer. We drove my wife’s vehicle and he agreed there was something wrong with it. So they will have to try to find out what’s wrong with it.

BTW my truck has 3500 miles on it. I also have never had a flat tire until today and this was the only time I wasn’t caring the lock key in the vehicle. I was looking up the rest of the day for the safe to fall out of the sky.