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: Edit your profile - NEW Feature Added

T Mac
03-12-2005, 06:17 PM
In our continuing effort to make ROC the very best it can be, we just added a new feature but it requires your input in order for it to function. Currently, when you post a message you see your user name, rank and avatar. If you edit your User Profile and enter your year, model and color... your post will also display details about your Ridgeline. We did this over on our Element site and it has been a great addition so we can all keep track of who is an owner and what they are driving.

To edit your User Profile, simply click the "User CP" link on the top left of this page, then choose "Edit Profile". Your profile section is toward the bottom.

Please only enter info in these areas if you are an owner. If you are a shopper, just edit that area later after you buy.

Enjoy! And thanks for being a part of Ridgeline Owners Club!