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03-15-2005, 06:32 AM
Hello All,
I received a post card in the mail today from Honda, it listed an internet site to purchase original factory accessories from a Honda dealer near you. Two interesting things about the site the 06 Honda Ridgeline is not listed as a searchable option, second this site allows the user to see the outrageous dealer mark-up on accessories and installation. You need to put in your zip code and the site will find geographically located dealers and you can pick on closest to you. I used my other car 03 Honda Element to see the difference between what I paid for accessories and what I saved on installing them myself, most noteworthy was the 400.00 I saved by installing the tow hitch over what the dealer would have charged for the same 3 hours of work! Just some foods for thought for those considering adding accessories to your ridge, donít pay the dealer for thing you can do yourself.

Site =


03-15-2005, 10:45 AM
No kidding. I think I'm saving about $3000 worth of just installation fees putting on all my goodies myself. Saved a bunch more buying all the stuff online too. You can't get the fender flares online as they are too fragile to ship but I called around and got a local dealer to match the online price I found. Just started to put them on yesterday, 1 fender down, 3 more to go.