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Lots of Ridgeline and/or Honda news links out there and we post them all right here so you don't have to dig around for them. Read through them and post a comment if you feel so inclined.
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This category is specifically for Honda Ridgeline reviews found online from the media. You're welcome to comment on any review contained within.
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First Generation Ridgeline (1G 2006-2014)

Information that is specific to the 1st Generation (1G) Honda Ridgeline models, general info will still be in the various forums throughout the ROC.
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Second Generation Ridgeline (2G 2017+)

Information that is specific to the 2nd Generation (2G) Honda Ridgeline models, general info will still be in the various forums throughout the ROC.
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Shoppin' and Test Drivin'

Looking for a new or used Ridgeline? Use this category to exchange questions and answers related to Ridgeline pricing, invoices, incentives, and other important items to consider when making your purchase.
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Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)

Honda does read this forum and they do take their customers' satisfaction seriously. If you have suggestions on ways to improve the Ridgeline or if you even want to compliment them on a certain aspect of the design - do it here.
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Miscellaneous/General Honda Ridgeline Discussions

You have something to ask or add about the Ridgeline but not sure where the heck to put it? Right here is a good start! This is not for off-topic posts - this is about the Ridgeline.
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Fuel Economy and Gas Related Discussion

All discussion about fuel economy, gas prices and ways to improve fuel economy should be discussed here.
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This if a contest where everyone chooses their favourite ride of the month each month.
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Honda Ridgeline Accessories, Care and Mods

Washing / Waxing / Detailing

It's a sweet ride and you want to keep it looking that way... share tips and info here on what to use, how to use it and ultimately, how to keep your truck lookin new!
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Racks, Hitches & Towing

Roof racks, bike racks, hitches, and more!
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This is Honda's first real truck, so let's chat about it's off-roading capabilities!
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ROC Member Central

Greetings & Introductions

You're new to the community? Not sure about our rules? This is the forum to use to introduce yourself to other ROC members and to learn the basics about our club and forum. We're glad you are make yourself known to us and start interacting.
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Other Cars, Trucks and Bikes

Discuss all other cars, trucks and bikes right here. Whether it is the latest concept, rumor or something you are considering, post it here.
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Image/Video Gallery

Share images of the Ridgeline here from auto shows or other sightings..
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Member Classifieds

Trading Post

If you've got a Ridgeline part or accessory that you're wanting or wanting to get rid of, use this category to get the job done! Note: this is NOT the place for spam.
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Group Buys

Organize your group buys with various vendors here.
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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Need to customize or repair your Honda Ridgeline? Check out our selection of parts and accessories at, or give us a call.
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Diode Dynamics

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Discount Tire

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Off Topic Section

Bikin', Campin', Hikin', Fishin' and Kayakin'

Your Ridgeline takes you to great locations for your outdoor activities. Share your experiences and info on outdoor fun in this forum.
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This is the place to get tips on how to improve your photography skills. Learn about gear, lighting, strobes, etc. Post travel pics here as well.
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