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  • r_vest ·
    Been checking out your mods page again, AWESOME. When you modded the exhaust to the Magnaflow did you just do the cat back or did you opt for the pre-cat delete and upgrade the J-pipe? Just wondering. Did you get any mpg gain or do you not check that?
    Truckin' ·
    Hey Dusty,
    Just want to wish you a merry and wonderful new year. We will never forget your kindness!
    Pam and Roni
    eddiechip ·
    Good morning, I had a question about your Kenwood H/U. Did it have the moveable face (fold down I guess)? If so did it get in the way of anything when it moved?

    bigg wheels ·
    hey i am 16 and just got a 06 ridgeline, and i want to get a pretty loud sound system but i have no idea where i could put the subs. if yu have a suggestion let me know. thanks
    mmont0 ·
    Hi again,

    I guess I didn't read the post as well as I thought. I read over your thread and it looks like they wont rub so I'm interested. Let me know how much you're looking to sell them for. I also saw that you would bring them. My zip is 21045 so let me know how far you're willing to go to meet me.

    Thanks again.

    Oddjob ·
    I got the Pads off in the USPS (mail) today Priority Mail so you should get them soon. Look for a note from me in there as well. God Speed.
    Enola59 ·
    I really do hope things look up for you man, best thing I can offer is a solid prayer for you and your circumstances.
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