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  • fraugher ·
    Thank you so much for your door sill offering. Would definitely be interested to purchase (for 2018 RTL-E), thank you in advance !!
    virgilflowers ·
    Did a search today and found your sill protectors. Please let me know how I can order a set from you. Nice work! I'll be proud to have them on my 4 day old 2018 rtlt.
    G2Ridge ·

    I have seen the high quality sill protectors you are making and would like to order a set.

    If you have time to do this, could you please let me know what you need from me to order a set?

    Mike (G2Ridge)
    Jeff Barbour ·
    Thank you for keeping me informed. Please let me know when you are up and running again. I put my first scratch on my 3 week old truck. I was taking out the back seat when it happened. The left rear sill plate will cover it up. I ordered the touch up paint tube.
    synthesist ·
    Hi there..........
    'm interested in a set of your sill plates and I was wondering what other goodies you have for the Gen 2 Ridgeline?

    thanks - emalii s the best way to get me btw

    Corey "synthesist" Gimbel

    [email protected]

    708-2037613 cell
    cstel ·
    I have a 2017 RTL-E and want some sill plates can you do? I also sell CNC machinery if you need help with sourcing parts for your machinery....
    delswick ·
    I got a '06 RTL. can you give me a price for the cubby cover? Also, is there anyone you know, in the Baltimore area that can assist with installation?

    Tractman ·
    Thanks for getting back to me....I'll be watching and hopefully will see your post when you are back up and running again. Thanks....Tractman
    Tractman ·
    I am interested in purchasing the door sill protectors you make....please advise how I can order. Thank you. Jim B.
    drmugavero ·
    Hi, I'm wondering if you could make me some of the door sill protectors I saw on the forum...I like the ones with the extended "R" and "L"....looks great! You can email me at [email protected] or text me at 978-994-0568. Thanks!

    Cameron Guebard ·
    Hey Ron,

    Your work on the door sills is amazing. Are you still making them for 2007 Ridgelines, and if you are what is the pricing?

    HeloPilot ·
    Hey Ron,

    I saw your work with the door sill protectors on the Ridgeline forum. I would like to order a full set for my 2017 Black Edition. The ones I like have seen have Black edition etched as the logo. When you get a chance can you PM the info?

    David "HeloPilot"
    sapipa177 ·
    Hi Ron,

    I can't believe I'm contacting you in a thread that was started ages ago for the Ridgeline Cubby cover I just discovered. I would like pricing and installation instructions. My location is 92618

    I just traded in my 2007 element for a 2014 Ridgeline and loving it so far with the exception of gas mileage change...And I thought the Element was bad! I was waiting for the 2017 Ridgeline but when it was release I didn't like it and had grown fond of the G1 over the years, found a really clean white 2014 with low mileage and pounced on it.
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