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  • LadharK ·
    Can you please get some one to move all these active problem threads on the G2 main page to the problem category.
    jim3100 ·
    Hello, I just joined the group. Am I not able to post a question on this forum? any directions will be appreciated. thanks
    LadharK ·
    Hi Admin
    just a suggestion. I came from Acurazine forum. They have different sections for performance mods, wheels and tire, electrical issues etc can you please check and do the same way here as right now its a mess its really hard to find useful stuff. It will be way more organized that way for 2017 atleast.
    Howie ·

    I had to resign up for the forum. I was RLRTX all the way back to 2006/2007. What happened to that user name?

    Not a real big deal but have a little history.


    Enterprise ·
    What does "This Message is Moderated" mean?

    No one has responded to my query.

    My post isn't in the forum (that I can find).

    AshevilleRidge ·
    Hi Joe, I started a thread titled "Honda's new promo add" and inadvertently included my phone number. I'm new to forums in general and this was an honest rookie mistake. Would you be so kind as to delete the thread to prevent an adverse action against me?
    John's Ridge ·
    Hi, John's Ridge here. Why am I not able to post a new thread? I get a message stating that I do not have permission to do this.
    aceshigh73 ·
    Can I just freakin Post replies to ppl aleady.. Jesus christ its a board about honda trucks not a CIA site.... what the heck.... Been on the internet since 1993 never seen such restrictions.
    rmhpmi ·
    Hello. I can't seem to post a new thread? Not sure if I am blocked or need additional authorization somehow.

    Thanks for any help.
    46HudsonPU ·
    Have some installation .pdf files I would like to share - however they are apparently just a bit over the size threshold (around 180-200K), so they will not load (Running Board Installation, Air Deflector Installation). Any way around this, so these .pdf files can be loaded with the thread?
    jkinros ·
    Mod, please help. my rl got repo'd and they took everything.... lost the house, living in a motel, now just trying to make rent with what I have left. Have a 2012 oem cat back exhaust from my rtl, no dings or cuts, pick-up in socal costa mesa 92627 any offer will work for me(hoping $50+ tho) also have a q-logic box for the underseat location for 2x10" subs. q-logic part number is Model: QL-C1HRL210. Looking for $200 at least. Please help. any info would be appreciated. Thankfully, [email protected] Joaquin Ros
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