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  • 5S Dude ·
    Well, I haven’t really shopped around too much yet but for starters, Auto Barn offers their Ultimax Rotor Replacement from EBC in gold cad plating for $62.45 front and $51.13 rears that are blank and ready for the slot process. I have not had cad plating quoted yet.

    Stainless Steel Braking Systems at look great but do not offer Ridgeline rotors yet. They are not as expensive as I thought they’d be.

    In my experience, Stainless steel warps easily when heat is applied as opposed to cast iron, which is a very stable material more resistant to warping yet it rusts instantly. With all the towing I’ve done, my brakes and pads are in great shape for a 4 year old truck. I just can’t stand looking at the rusty rotors any longer…………
    5S Dude ·
    Originally Posted by Andy-Montreal View Post
    Ron, most of us sporting open-faced rims are plagued with the same dilemna of rusty rotors and faded brake calipers.

    As the brake calipers can be easily painted using the paint kits that are readily available in NAPA & specialty wheel shops, the rotors remain rusty.

    I've explored the option of having a shop turn me a complete set of rotors out of 304 or 316 SS but the prices are prohibitively expensive due to the CNC programming costs. One good thing is that they'd probably last as long as the car itself. Is this something that we can persuade you to add to your list of fine custom-made Ridgeline accessories?

    Hi buddy,

    Our good friend Dan (Twintym) just bought the EBC discs and pads setup for his RL and are all black so just the braking area is wiped clean. The hubs and outer edge of his disc rotors no longer rust and the look is outstanding. “Jammin Jim” has gold cad plated Brembo slotted rotors mounted on his truck and they look fantastically expensive as well.

    When I get my act together, my solution will be to purchase the OEM replacement rotors and send them out for cad plating. Then, fixture them into the CNC and carve some sick little decorative porn into the face. Your thoughts?
    Pug ·
    Heh-heh! I can't wait to see the real thing! Probably some time in April or May, I guess. Another ROC steeler fan must've luv'd it too... he adopted it as his avatar, as well! It was something I photochopped for sending via the cellphone's pix-flix to my friends/relatives.
    I'm sure their SIXTH SB ring will be a bit more lavish than my mock-up. I think the last one had 67(?) diamonds in it. lol.
    Pizza Man ·
    Both cities are pretty rough and tumble, Andy. They also have a lot in common. They both are known for their great food, for one. The biggest difference I see is those Pittsburgher's speak a different language than we do. Hoagies, torpedos, submarine's all the same thing, go figure.
    Pug ·
    Let's see... I think it was a nine-point spread when the Stee's went 2-1 in Philly so a turnpike bowl will be a returned favor in my stocking next year.

    After a lousy exhibition of their eventual gridiron gitterdone, in Toronto, that is... how'd we fans survive the season. I guess we had a feeling. A real attack of heart, the players had. And what better team to stand behind, than the local one.

    Congratulations to the Champs!
    /gush heh-heh!!!!!
    Pug ·
    Hey Joe! Did you get those misplaced congrats sent your way, too? lol Gotta love the heart behind them, even if they're, hmmm... let's say 'round 300mi apart!

    This "new" Message gizmo has me scratching my head, as well, Andy. And it's most of the time I'm trying to use it. So, before I lose any more of my scalp over it, I suppose I should read a simple tutorial. Is there one?

    And BTW! Not all doom & gloom on the southern front, I experienced today. Helped to get nearer to a "new" client's business committment over two shifts.

    Guess I'll have to wait 'til I rest my eyes to search for help on this thing.

    I like the thought of traveling to Hershey but I'll hafta pass. But only on any committment. I think I might swing some vaycay time around then, but since I can't say for sure... I can't say for sure.

    Rather than repeat my self... g'nite. :)
    Now do I post this in Joe's message box for him to be able to see it?

    PITTSBURGH-PHILADELPHIA in next year's hoagie-torpedo hullabaloo! It woulda been a heluva game, this year! :^)
    Pug ·
    Congrats to Philly!?
    Proceed to your nearest sink - grab the bar of soap, and wash those words from your mouth!!!


    But that's OK... Not being from this country, and not being a real fan of the sport... I can understand the mistake... well... at least you were in the right State! heh-heh!
    Pizza Man ·
    Thanks Andy, but I'm an Eagles Fan. :eek: Once the Cards beat us the Super Bowl lost it's luster for me. We here in the Philly area get used to the Eagles roller coaster ride. :rolleyes:

    I'm happy for the Steelers fans and thought the game was exciting right up till the end. The Steelers coach said they were a 60 minute team and they showed that to be true. Kudos to the Cards for the outstanding comeback. They showed they belonged to be in the game.
    Pizza Man ·
    That would have been fine until my Jeanette noticed you called her Jeanine. :eek: Now I have to explain who Jeanine is, thanks buddy! :D
    Andy-Montreal ·
    Aww Mike, now you're making me feel all fuzzy and warm inside...;)

    You do realize that now, with our new "relationship" (LOL!!!), I'll have to drive down next year to meet up with you guys!!:eek:

    PizzaMan and Pug are two more guys that I'd also like to meet up one day with as you all seem to be a genuinely "fine" bunch!:D
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