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    thanks Big Guy. It was so good to see you and Pam. And a special thanks for my cheese. yummmmmmmy I think its the best yet. good choice. thanks again.
    5S Dude ·
    That's so awesome buddy! I wish we had more time to spend together in Sedona. I hope you both are able to sleep with stinky (skunked) in the house tonight!! I'm busy installing a motorized gate in the front of my mom & dad's ranch and will begin resurrecting the machine shop soon. Have a great week!
    5S Dude ·
    Man! we're so glad we got to see you guys! Be sure to post photos of your new place and take care of Truckin' She's one in a million!
    Truckin' ·
    I just thought I'd leave you a visitor message so you have something new to try while you're at work.
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