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  • it8ezbngrn ·

    Are you adding to your sticky? If so I was wondering if you could add the one I did on the amp install. I have others but the amp install might be helpful to some. Thank you.
    LadharK ·
    Sorry Man I thought I would get a pop up or an email notification that I got a new message as I am used to with acurazine. So I just say your messages today after you mentioned it in the Thread but I think I got a Ok with 1500 off MSRP.
    Thanks to you if you woudn't have mentioned it I wouldn't have tried enough :).
    I am still debating should I go to Ex-l but I dont like the wheel color in that Trim But Lets see if They will come all together next week so I might switch

    But all in all your post was really helpful I saved money because of You. Cheers
    Stay in touch.
    LadharK ·
    Thanks for your response brother
    As you said you received 1200$ off and free all season mats, undersea tray, hood deflector, block heater, and tonneau cover

    So I am not trading anything but I will be financing it. I am from Edmonton?
    So did you know the dealer before ? Would he have given you all these accessories for free if you have not traded anything?

    I would really appreciate your help. Even if not possible in Edmonton. Saskatoon is not that far away I might get it from the same dealer you bought it from.

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