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  • Qxtreem ·
    Hi again. I dont see any other message but this one saying you sent a message. Or I dont know where to find it :)
    Qxtreem ·
    Hello Jim!! I havent been on the forums in quite some time. One of the few things that brought me here today was thinking of you, my friend. I hope all is well with you. I am still living in Arizona, driving a big red truck for Coca Cola. Would be great to meet with you again one day, to catch up and grab that grub.

    Your friend, Brad Litvin same ol' 07 RTL just turned 100k miles lol. Love it still.
    chisoxjim ·
    Right on, I was thinking you would be hyoed for this game. Should be a good one. One last dance for these old rivals as far as conference championships. I think Nebraska is going to crush the Big 10 starting next year.
    bigred1 ·
    OK. Thought of an old friend........Going to be a barn burner Saturday night in the Big XII championship!!! Huskers and Sooners stack up well. Just hope our superstar QB is healthy enough to play! Have a good holiday season!!

    bigred1 ·
    Long time no see. Stopping in to see what is going on with the ROC!! Bought a Expedition 15 months ago because of our twins and now 3 year old. Just traded that on a 2004 Ford Super Duty Crew Cab, 4x4, Diesel, loaded that only has 23300. Yes. 23,300. The guy that had it kept it in the garage. He was the head of "department of defense" in Bowie,MD. So he had a military vehicle. So now i have that. It's not a daily driver and my wife wants me to find her a used ridgeline. Actively looking now. Can't wait for College Football to start!! should be a fun year!!! Take care
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