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  • GrantS ·
    Still waiting for a reply about your radio for sale. I would like to buy it if you still have it contact me here or email direct at gsee at
    Lex Luthor ·
    Do you recall a thread with the name $10 Tail Gate Lock? This was a very detailed thread that told you how to buy and actuator and illustrated pictures on installing the tail gate lock? I am considering buying a tonneau cover. I have to be able to lock my tailgate. This tail gate lock worked in conjunction with your automatic door locks. They even had a fail safe string in case the lock did not work.

    I want to print out the entire thread.


    Lex Luthor AKA Jimmy Becnel

    [email protected]
    Lex Luthor ·

    I would like your opionion. I have a 2007 Ridgeline RTS. I use it mostly for local car shows. I am considering dual exhaust that comes out in front of the rear tires. I was hoping to remove the stock muffler and go up closr to the cataletic converter. Then add a y tube and run the exhaust towards both rear wheels. If this is possible, should the one pipe that would be on the drivers side go under the drive shaft or over it? I have Westin Platnum Nerf bars that will have to be cut back to alloe room. I would like the tips coming out to be the same level as the nerf bars. Please reply to [email protected]


    Lex Luthor

    AKA Jimmy Becnel
    Chris what kind of rims and tires are you running with now? Curious, pics or a thread I can look at?
    msnickel ·
    So I followed all the rules and my FS item got there a reason? In fact, one of the moderators made an off topic comment which violates rule #4. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    SpartanML ·
    Hey Chris sorry to bug again. How is your lift kit holding up? I am on the fence about it again and your opinion on the matter I value greatly! Hope all is well.
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