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  • SpartanML ·
    When I go and look at past meets I check those members last known activity. Many have been missing for months or years in some cases. It is pretty much a dead issue. Sad stuff.
    wjr1004 ·

    Sorry I missed the meet but I was away on bussiness maybe next time..
    I hope it was good even in that cold weather.....

    MoosePond ·
    Unfortunately no. Got the solid oak flooring installed and the workbenches built but then popped a forearm tendon and have had to take it easy for awhile. Now it's too bloody cold to work out there (temp this morning was -2°F) so the wiring and insulation project is going to have to wait until Spring. However, we're about to begin work on our project of converting the existing garage and adjoining den into a new master suite so I've go plenty to keep me busy until Old Man Winter heads south in the Spring.
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