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  • feetdry ·
    Yes, it was just much better control than a no-gyro. We considered it an emergency to do a no-gyro. Come to think of it, I don't think a no-gyro gave glideslope info. I really never shot any except in training. As I think back when I was an advanced training flight instructor in TX, I don't believe we even taught any.
    speedlever ·
    Yep, sure do. I never really investigated it so I don't know what the GCA consists of. Is it similar to a no gyro approach (also ground controlled)?
    feetdry ·
    Hi, yes I have to have a cap because of the "stuff" I carry. I will say that the only place it really leaks is around the rear hatch in a driving rain or car wash. I know to keep my "stuff" a couple of inches forward of the tailgate when it's raining hard.

    Mine was sold and installed by Canopy World over on 99 in Federal Way. It was off and reinstalled by Hinshaw's body shop last year when I had the rear bumper replaced because a Honda Civic wanted to stop in the place I already occupied. They seemed to do just as good a job of reinstalling it as the Canopy World people did. I'd be glad to show it to you sometime next week if you would like to do a meet up.
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