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  • flmtrain ·
    Hello everyone, I joined this site about a year and a half ago but never posted anything to date. The site is great and really helped me in the past. I have searched the site for the following info and found many post however not any info that will finalize my question.

    For the first time since joining this site, I purchased an item about a week ago. I am usually one of those people that check into things before buying them but by the time I return to buy something, the item has been sold. So, when looking at daily post here, I saw a OEM Nav system for sale and it had a good bit of info that looked like it could be installed in my RL. I have a 2007 RTS model and the OEM Nav came out of a 2007 RTL.

    I know from reading the past post that it is a pain, very expensive and not recommended to try and install a OEM Nav in another model but has any one on this site ever actually done it? Right about now, I am think I just purchased a $500.00 paper weight for my desk.

    Here is what I think I know, every RL model has it's own wiring harness. I have the complete OEM Nav head unit and DVD player with CD. I purchased a OEM GPS anntenna and I also purchased a OEM Honda wiring diagram manual which has not came in yet. I know I need a cable from the head unit to the DVD player, a cable to connect the antenna to the head unit and I need a cable from the steering wheel to the head unit. I have read that the steering wheel has different switches or control bottons that need to be changed out and that the air bag has to be removed to complete this task.

    Any additional info would help. It would be great if any one has actually completed this installation but any help at all. Now that I actually have the unit I would like to use it.

    Thank you for the time reading this long post.
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