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  • Guido67 ·
    I believe they are lug-centric, and I haven't noticed a difference in the speedo. Fuel mileage appears to be the same and I swapped the TPS monitors from the OEM's with no problems. These wheels are a lot easier to keep clean as well. I priced them at Car-Id, and then Discount Tire (not sure if you have one where you are) price matched them. I got the wheels, tires, warranty, and lifetime mounting and balancing for $2K out the door. I only had them on for about 5 weeks before I swapped back to the OEM's for the winter. Overall, I love them tho and can't wait for winter to be over.
    NoYooper ·
    Hey Guido,
    Can you tell me more about your Foose/Michelin, tire/wheel setup? (awesome choice by the way, looks beautiful!) I'm curious if they are hub-centric or lug-centric, how they impact speedometer reading, fuel mileage and if you transferred your tire pressure monitors over or bought new ones with the wheels and if so if they have been functioning correctly. Have you discovered anything else you don't care for now that you have driven with them for a while! I'd like to do a similar set in the spring. Any feedback is welcome!
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