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  • dorkygrin ·
    About to replace pads and rotors on my 2008 RTL Ridgeline. I see in a posting in 2011 that you used Advance autos Wearever Gold Ceramics. Think I'm buying those too with new rotors. Can you tell me how they held up over the years?


    vuex0076 ·
    IanRTL, Thanks for summoning all that information up on the forum for me. It's been a while since I've looked at the forum this much and I swore I remember saving the page, for when it was time to start shopping for a Ridgeline. I've hit a dilemma, I've been approved for a nice loan. I can either look around and buy a Ridgeline with higher mileage in the low teens ($10,000-15,000) or spend $20,000, and get something newer and nicer. I've got another vehicle on the side for the winter right now but it's slowly creeping up on me. Could I ask you which year and model Ridgeline you'd look at above others? The few things I would like... Have a hitch kit ready to tow, navi, sunroof, and heated seats for the cold Minnesota weather. Not very picky on color. In a way, I guess what I am asking you is what year and model Ridgelines would you pick above the others. Or, which models should I keep away from..? Hope you can help!
    IanRTL ·
    I don't know too much about South Hills Honda. I've never dealt with them. Washington Honda (Washington, PA just up 79 from you) is very good with service and I've never had a bad experience there. I've only had three services done since I do all of my own routine maintenance, but they've always been fast, courteous and fair on price. As far as their sales team, I'm not too sure. They're all going to be about the same. The best thing you can do is call around and get as many quotes as you can from all the dealerships in the area - I-79 Honda, Washington, Moon Township, Baerl, Smail, Shadyside, Rainbow and South Hills. Are you looking to buy new or pre-owned?
    buddywiser ·
    Hey Ian,

    I think I remember you recommending some Honda dealerships earlier. I'm in Morgantown and got some good quotes from South Hills Honda through Autotrader. Just want to ask if you knew anything about them, good or bad. I won't be getting any service done there, so it's probably not as big a deal, but was just curious. Thanks for any info.

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