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  1. WTB: Used Leer cap for 2007 RTX

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  2. 2011 Honda Odyssey OEM Rims Wheels

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    Wife shot me down since we are in the process of buying a new home. I'll be down in Westerville in August, if for some reason these have not sold by then I will contact you. Thanks and good luck.
  3. 2011 Honda Odyssey OEM Rims Wheels

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    I'll have to check to see if they fit my 05' Odyssey and also if I can convince my wife. My grandparent's live off of Polaris by Highland Lakes Golf Course, do you think that you would be able to drop them off there?
  4. FS: 2006-08 RL Accessory Grille

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    Here is a link to the Honda instructions: I found that you can get away from having to take the entire bumper off though by just removing the 7 black clips under the hood and the 2 self tapping screws...
  5. FS: 2006-08 RL Accessory Grille

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    Still up for grabs! cdepuydt?
  6. FS: 2006-08 RL Accessory Grille

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    SOLD I just sold my Ridge and had put the stock grille back on it prior to the sale. So, if anybody is interested I have the accessory Honda grille I purchased a year ago for around $235, which I'm willing to let go for $150 shipped. This will fit on 2006-08 Ridgelines. The "H" logo from your...
  7. 2007 Ridgeline RTL/Navi for sale

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    SOLD! 2007 Honda Ridgleline RTL Loaded with Moonroof, Navigation, Leather, heated seats, remote starter, towing package, tonneau cover, tinted windows, AVS bug guard and in-channel window visors, Falken Rocky Mountain ATS tires installed only a year ago, new rotors, brakes, Injen CAI, all...
  8. Lift kit & 255-60-18

    1G Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    I realize that your post is exactly a year old, but to answer your question, Yes studded tires are still legal in some states. I live in Maine and the law is if your vehicle is Front wheel drive, if you want studs they need to be on all 4 wheels, if you have a RWD then you can have either just...
  9. Fs: 2007 rtl

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    I'd be interested in your Ridgeline cubby cover if you would be willing to sell it.
  10. WTB: OEM trailer wiring harness

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    I as well am interested in the harness for an 07'
  11. Ebay Listed: Rim Color Inserts

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    I just looked at your Ebay listing, you may want to correct a typo you have in the description "These inserts greatly improve the vehicles improvement" Good luck with your sale and Happy Holidays!
  12. FS: Rear mud flaps

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    Just my luck, I just ordered some last week and am still waiting for them to come in. I had been checking on here for the past couple of months hoping to see a post like yours. Good Luck.
  13. FS: Trailer Brake harness (Pigtail) 08L91-SJC-10031

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    Re: Trailer Brake harness 08L91-SJC-1000 I call 3rds.
  14. need a referral for direct tv

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    I'll hook you up, I sent you a PM
  15. WTB Spare Tire tray, jack, and tire wrench

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    So, after receiving my Ridgeline from Texas Direct Auto (who I would not recommend to anybody) I noticed that though they stated my Ridge had the towing package, it only had a Valley reciever, minus a ball hitch, minus a wire harness. Then I found out that the spare tire tray is missing along...