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  • sbella913 ·
    I'm trying to post a set of rims in the trading post and it says I dont have permission, I have plenty of post and read the rules so Im not sure what Im doing wrong, can you help?
    Cold.2 ·
    Keith, whats been happening........ what happened to the nissan,,, ? no power??

    Can you help?
    I need the exploded view drawings of the firewall and the rear seat areas as if you read my post Mice, there are reasons why i need to secure these areas.....
    Koromo ·
    I just purchased my Ridgeline today (7/5/2012) and I thought that I saw in a post on the White Ridge thread that you were in Louisiana. I live in West Monroe, LA, and was wondering if there was any activity with the group here in Louisiana. Never owned a vehicle as nice as this and also that had a group following. Excited about possible meets and future trips.


    Cold.2 ·
    what is this firefox ghostery thing?

    Something i should tell wife about??,,,,, It is her computer after alll and she does run her bussiness off of it.
    Cajun ·
    Hey Keith, you left BR too soon we had about 3 inches of snow this morning and so I got to try the RL out in the snow and ice on the roads, handled great. Do you think you will ever get another RL?

    Glad to be a new friend, thanks again for all the advice on this site. Good luck on your fantasy Football game this week! LOL wait you are playing me!!!:eek:
    Just Ask ·
    Thanks for the invite. Two others have added me as well. Real question is - how do I use this feature? Also, is the Social Groups thing new? I've never seen it mentioned in any post. Just curious. Hope things are going well up North!
    Tcape ·
    Thanks for adding me to your "Friends" list, Keith! Just found out today that the forum has this feature.....nice! And hey, do you send your "Friends" Christmas presents??
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