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  • markb68 ·
    Got it thanks. I've noticed what your talking about too. The G2 RL in the showroom had the same problem when I brought mine in. Unfortunately I have another type of rattle going over bumps that I'm still trying to figure out. It doesn't help when the dealership doesn't know what it is.
    UnicornKaz ·
    My "rattle" is NOT a single case scenario issue.'s how the vehicle is built.
    Between the glass and the rubber window gasket...there is another harder (plastic ?) that the glass rest against..etc.

    It is super quiet when windows are closed.

    even when open..there is no rattle...I was referring to an example:

    If your window are open...grab the glass panel with your hand & give it a shake and you will hear what I meant...That rattle is natural by design ( every G2 RL owners have it...some more than others but we all have it.)

    Now..with that said...that is a large amount of force ( shaking the glass by hand)...So, in order for me to "hear" a couple of those would have to be quite a big bump to shake big time...which I've never yet to experience big enough bumps to cause a rattle...only by hand shaking/testing :laugh:

    In conclusion:
    Not an is by design..other vehicle might even be worse than ours. >:)
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