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  • Hybridge ·
    not sure how to contact you to purchase one of your items.
    Honda under rear seat mat (08U45-T6Z-100): $25
    (I'll throw in the rear trunk mat I made)
    Ship to is Minnesota
    biggziff ·
    I'm interested in much of the stuff you have for sale for the 17 Ridgeline. I'm in NY so shipping would be an issue. Let me know what's left and what you'd ship.

    VinceP63 ·
    Good evening,
    I saw in one of your posts that you machined up some spacers that allowed you to use the bed lining screws to locate into the frame for mounting stuff, with a collar on the spacer that allowed it to retain the bed lining at the same time. I want to do the same for a motorcycle mount and full size spare mount but do not have access to a lathe. Any possibility of purchasing about 12 from you?
    Vince Pryke
    202 491 9199
    phineas ·
    Hi. In the Ordered my VCMuzzler II thread you mentioned a couple of days ago having gotten a Kiwi 3. I'm wondering, were you able to seat that Kiwi 3 all the way into the OBD2 port? Or does it just stand on the top of the connector without really penetrating it? On my RL several of the pinholes are blocked on the OBD2 port. I ordered received the BlueDriver and it doesn't have a full complement of pins; about a third of them are missing. And, of course, the ones that are missing match up with the holes that are blocked on the the RL's port.

    I was able to see that the pins were blocked because there was a dark line in those slots on the OBD2 port. I used a flashlight which helped show me that.

    The main thing I'm trying to verify is that your Ridgeline has the same blocked pin situation. Thanks.
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