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  • Lex Luthor ·

    Been AWOL now for a while. I am back and I am looking for a thread that $10 TailGate Lock. I think it was buy ChrisM. I am getting a tonneau cover and before I do that I need to make sure that I can lock my tail gate.


    Lex Luthor AKA Jimmy

    [email protected]
    ReileySimpson ·
    Hey man, two questions for ya, first is your subs, do you have any pictures of the location/box you have? second is how does the magna flow sound? Worth putting in my ridge line? I'm think magna flow or the borla exhaust thanks!
    r_vest ·
    Rusty, do you have pics of the inside of your truck? I am specifically looking to see how you mounted your speakers. I am also looking to install new front bucket seats but not sure which ones to get. I am thinking I may look to aftermarket but I may also custom fit some out of another vehicle. Mine are worn out, at least the D/S. And I love the lowered look you have as well!
    Ray_ray_73 ·
    Where did u buy the grille at? I'm looking to do some simple mods to my 07 rtx gonna start with grille,rims, audio/video system any suggestions? And your truck looks awesome!!!!
    5S Dude ·
    Hey buddy, I was wondering if you got my last PM? I worked the heck outa "BAD BUNI" but some of him just won't translate to vector! If you could send me a DXF if this little guy, I'd be able to move forward with our design process. Thks,

    u962109 ·
    So, does that mean that all Ridgelines, regardless of whether they have the tow package or not, are able to tow 5,000 lbs? Also, does that mean that the tow package option does not include any increase in transmission cooling, or bigger brakes?
    ROC-BOY ·
    Today on website, they are offering the entire kit needed to transform OEM headlights into projector headlights. It's the exact model and parts that black custom flames uses for the ridgeline. Ridgle line owners can get everything they need out the door shipped to them for $221.50(plus shipping) All that has to be done is opening the headlights (bake and open), then pop off the factory cap that is inside the housing, then the shroud and projector from the kit pop into the slot that the cap came out of. ballast, bulb and instructions included. People can pay someone $100 all day to bake the headlights if they don't want to do it themselves...what do you think? You can paint headlight assembly completely black or any other color since it's projecting light and not reflecting...The discount price is for today (cyber monday). I'm gonna post a thread with promo code and options needed for ridge owners
    ROC-BOY ·
    thanks, that's what i'll do then...1500 watt?!? my goodness, i'm gonna have to upgrade, ibet that bass is hittin real next mod, i'm lookin at some 11 or 12" headrest tv's...i didn't even know that came that big, but sure enough, their on ebay
    ROC-BOY ·
    When you hooked up the 2 downfiring subs, did u unplug the rear fac sub and run the plug and play to ur box leaving fac sub unused...or did u tap in instead and have all three subs running? My fac is currently unplugged but i'd like to use all three
    RustyH ·
    Outside of the struts, the drivetrain is unchanged. The truck does not go all the way to the ground, I've got about three inches left to go. To lay a Ridgeline out would require modifications that would just about make the truck undriveable. I believe you can achieve the appearance, however, by fabricating a body kit that would make it look like the truck is on the ground.
    Charlie 06 ·
    I've seen ektensive's work at car shows that I go to. Pretty impressive stuff. What about your 4/all wheel drive? Obviously you can't lay frame with 4 wheel drive. Do you still have it and just can't lay it out?
    RustyH ·
    What did you want to know. It was designed and installed in 2006 by ektensive Metalwerks in Houston, TX, where the truck was orginally built to be a custom show truck. The air tank, manifold and dual compressors are located in the trunk and the air is routed via copper tubing to each of the four air bags. The bags are controlled axle by axle, so I can raise or lower the front or back independent of each other, control be a pair of switches and a guage in my center console. All four struts have been modified to accept the air bags and while I keep the front torsion links, the rear torsion bar is disconnected and they welded in brackets to install a pair of monroe shocks to keep the rear stabilized around the corners.

    Even though this has been a one of customized install, the work that was done was so good, that I've been able to put over 44,000 miles on the truck since I bought it in 2008. The ride is very comfortable, but I have a specific ride height where the alignment is set at so I get the best control and driveability. The truck normally drives about 3" lower than the stock Ridgeline, and I can drive it for very short distances, in a straight line, with the tires tucked under the fenders.
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