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  • NAs2kCR ·
    Is there a way you can grant me access to the trading post? I have parts off a ridgeline I would like to sell for cheap. Tired of looking at it in my garage.
    jimfrancis ·
    Sorry for the delay, Rick. This past week I have been in Texas at the funeral of my mom. I will address the cubby thing probably early next week.
    Ourfarm09 ·

    I will be in the Cary area on the 8th and 9th of November at conference, not sure If I will any time to meet up, but maybe so.
    daveglover ·
    Just picked up my 2012 RT I had the Honda dealer install 7-pin trailer socket and factory wiring.I am looking to plug in the 4-pin electric brake controller but I can not find it under the dash board. The manual shows this connector by the parking brake except on the RT and US sport.What can I do.
    Elizabeth Miller ·
    Hi, are you on right now? Can you look at the post I just posted regarding my trans fluid change I am in the middle of? Under the hood - first oil change - end of third page.
    Thanks. Beth
    feetdry ·
    I'm sure you know that us military types shot GCA's and I'm sure you know it was a "ground controlled approach" Absolutely loved them in the day. 'Thought you should know as a "driver" yourself.
    kdsimms ·

    I was wondering if you would do me a favor?

    Can you send me the installation instructions for the Ridgeline tonneau cover? It is installed on my 20006. I'm trying to sell it and I don't know (for sure) which parts are original truck and which are the cover parts.

    Thanks in advanced.

    5S Dude ·

    Congrats on your new moderator post!

    Thank you for all of the great and informative contributions you've made over the years! You are a true ROC-Star...

    Cold.2 ·

    Is it possible for you to send or post the exploded three dimensional view(s) of the wall that seperates the bed and the back seat area.
    There was mice in the truck and I was wondering before I start ripping apart the area behind the rear seat,, if there are any holes where mice could enter the cab, also would like the firewall area as well.
    Also need it as so I do not damage the interior plastic when i remove and reinstall the pieces.

    Perhaps there is a link where I could look myself?

    Capt. Whidbey ·
    Speedlever- You are one of the most active memebers of ROC and I just had to share this story with during lunch I pulled into the Sonic drive-in (Burleson, TX). I noticed that the new Honda dealer (Honda of Burleson) had an official truck sitting in one of the parking spaces. I pulled in next to them because I had spent quite a sum of money at their new dealership. Once I was parked I looked at their truck and noticed it was a GMC Sierra! I thought, gee whiz! If a Honda dealership does not believe in driving a Ridgeline as their "official truck"...Anyway, I took a photo of the truck! Just wondering how many other Honda dealerships are driving a truck built by someone else? I can just see a Chevy dealer driving a Ridgeline! LOL...oh well. We wonder why sales are not higher?
    How do you get a thread to post?? Ive had 5 threads that never made it to the "front page" for others to see. What am I doing wrong??

    mevers ·

    I just got an email that appeared to be from you for something called I'm at work and unable to view the site but it smelled a little spammy and just wanted to let you know in the event that someone had compromised your email or something along those lines.
    archham ·
    Just saw a post of yours and see that you are in High Point. I don't get on here much, but I am in Archdale. Have an '07 RTS. Really enjoy it a lot. It is interesting to see all the posts about this truck.

    Just thought I would say hi.
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