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  • gugs ·
    Hello spun07rtx always good to hear from another Vermonter. I am in St. George (15 min below Burlington)
    5S Dude ·
    No one could blame you about going with the Yamaha. It’s simply a matter of me having the stature of an elf!! So I’ve decided on the Motard version of the KLX (17”-diameter wheels) and with the KLX4 links from Kouba Link I’ll be able to lower it another two inches. I’ve got the coin and part numbers set aside for the 350cc big bore kit, pumper carb and FMF pipe with carbon fiber muffler.
    At my age, the "hooligan" reputation shouldn’t be an issue. The rest of the show was absolutely awesome. My buddy just bought a new 2009 aprilla SXV 5.5 Sumo and it is truly one of the meanest street legal sumo style bikes I’ve ever ridden. Ride safe brah!!
    5S Dude ·
    Went to the international motorcycle show this weekend and sat on the Supermotard version of the KLX250 it's called an SF with black 17" wheels and huge front disc! I think it fits my short stature a bit better. Have you seen this thing yet!
    SpartanML ·
    Ah, same **** new day. Pickin up the polaris from the shop, just got the quad serviced and the plow refurbished... ready for winter.
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