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  • CUinaRidge ·
    Hello Tom

    Long time no see!! Hope you and Julie and the kids are well.

    In June we may be passing through Springfield. The brother in law is still living there...
    rknridge ·
    Hi - I have been a member for a while & access infrequently - when having issues. I have found this site to be a great resource. I was unable to figure out how to post my question in the problems / issue section - ---- I was unable to find a thread for a problem I am having with the front passenger window stuck in the down position ( all treads i found referenced all windows out of service) just the 1 window will not go up - I hear the usual "click" when using either the Pas. or driver door switch - but no action to put the window up.
    HellHaund ·
    Good day
    I'm new here, that's mean that some my actions can be wrong in some places. So i wanna know where i can post thread about marking lights. adjusting it if possible for legal clean xenon installing (Basically i need find a easy way for change marking or find another glass for headlamp without marking)

    Thx in advance
    Glenn Albany NY ·
    Sorry to bother , however trying to find forum where I can get instruction on replacing my rear license plate bulb? Im assuming the cover snaps out just don't want to break it. Can you help?
    Nguyen-er ·
    I am wanting to post a FS ad about my truck. It is a white 2007 rtx and was wondering how to do so and if it is alright to post it in this section.
    Dnick ·
    I would like to request addition of a new catagory under "activities", entitled "Road Trips". This would be the place for sharing experiences & stories from over the road ventures. What say ye?
    AndrePS ·
    on trading post. would it be possible to have a thread for local areas, such as cali, north west, mid west. etc.... so i can look up items for sale near me incase pick up only. just an idea. thanks.
    tacky1 ·
    Hi, sorry to bother you, I was wondering if you could change my trading post title from FS: Gibson Exhaust Tip, New, unused... to FS: Gibson Exhaust Tip, New, unused...$25.00 shipped

    Thanks.. P...
    Robert H. Anderson ·
    When registering with ROC I used my proper name as user name. Was not aware to use nickname for username. Requesting permission to change username...Thanks.
    CartF1Fan ·
    Hi there. New member and recent purchaser of a new 08 RTS here. Saw you had some ROC tee shirts...any left? Would be interested in a navy or black XL.
    flmtrain ·
    Hi T Mac, I am new to the site, only a couple months. I purchased a 2007 Ridgeline last Sept. and love it. My wife has a 2008 Pilot, we love Honda. I am looking to buy my teenage daughter an older Honda, any model or years to stay away from? Looking at 1995 - 2000. It is a great site, thanks. I am interested in buying a XL ROC sheet, navy blue or what other colors do you have left? Let me know what I need to get payment to you. Thanks, Frank
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