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  • TheCuteOne ·
    Awwww I wish I could drop what I was doing to come help you guys out.... I know it's gotta be tough for both of you guys and the doggies... I am thinkin about you both quite often and hope to see you in the near future. Try to stay positive in the end IT ALWAYS WORKS OUT! :) I love you :) Say hi to ROC DADDAY for me :) When yah wanna take a break hit me up. I still have the same phone number diff addy though LOL so if you wanted to escape you'd [prob need to get my addy first LOL
    TheRidgester ·
    Hi pam! Sorry for not chatting etc. Very lil PC time! I'm at work now (yes on a sat night) but am on light duty... sliced my finger open w/ box cutter (ouch) anyway have a few and wanted to say hi
    avsimpson ·
    Hi Truckin
    Noticed you mention your RTL has pin striping. Do you have any photos posted ? Thinking about doing that to mine. Great vehicle but it needs something to make it look a little more interesting.
    HootyRidge ·
    Happy Holidays Pam,

    I had a quick question about IMac Computers. After trying to check post on subject, I'm still confused. I had a Mac about 15 years ago and PC since. On to the question, I just use computer for home finance and basic stuff, where should I start. My PC hard drive crashed so I thought about the Mac Mini, but I also like the look of the Imac. Any suggestions.

    guss ·
    You have a Facebook account?

    I need new tires for the Ridgeline...let me know if you have suggestions...else, i am looking on here for good info on tires, etc
    Hi Pam how are you? I told your husband thank you so much for that cheese. and I would like to get your phone number. can you email me my regualr email address at [email protected] and leave a phone number and a good time to call you. thanks sue
    Truckin' ·
    Ron, I was really disappointed that we didn't get any more visiting time last weekend. Everything seemed so rushed even though we did less. It was great to catch the tiny bit of time to give you and yours a hug. WE LOVE our plate cover! It's such a nice finishing touch. You're the master of figuring out what we don't even know that we need.
    5S Dude ·
    Pam! It was an unbelievable event and I wish we had more time to hang with you both. Can’t wait to see your new digs! Stay healthy and hug the pups for us!!
    5S Dude ·
    With Cindy losing her management position at Mervyn's and both kids in college we are in belt tightening mode. Both our parents are needing more & more attention lately, so long distance trips must be planned for in a much more careful manner. That's life! We sure hope to be able to attend this years Sedona Classic but it's still to early to say for sure.
    Truckin' ·
    Good to have you hear, Joe. You can see dog lovers have a special place in my friendship list.

    Let us all know how the peanut butter trick works.
    Pizza Man ·
    Thank's Pam, I truly appreciate the Friendship Request.

    I plan on using the peanut butter on a stick trick with Gordy this afternoon. Well, if he ever gets out of the coma he's in after tiring himself out running around the yard this morning.
    Dragonslayer ·
    Hi Pam

    How are you doing? It is wet here, which is good because we need the rain and bad because we had so many fires last year that left the hills bare. It is not so bad here on the coast. We found out yesterday that a client of ours, she is the crazy lady I worked for that has alzheimer, but she really is crazy and was before the alzheimer. Well, she was fairly well off 4 years ago with over 2.5 million in stocks and bonds, no one in her family has tried to stop her spending over 300 thousand a year and now she has to go into assisted living. Once her house is sold, I will no longer be her gardener and my partner Louis will still be her book keeper. We were supposed to get her dogs when she passed on and now we will get Milly and Molly sooner than we expected. The strangest thing happened today though; one of my neighbors, C P, the girlfriend/life partner of Jack the editor of our town paper, came by to tell me that he broke up with her because she wanted to get married. This was after California made marriage equal, they were waiting till their gay friends could get married too. I think he freaked out and it is also his 40th year aka mid life crisis. Well, C P has to move into an apartment and their dog, Dutch, cannot go with her and Jack does not want the responsibility, so C P asked us if we would be interested in adopting Dutch since he and Chelsea get along well. We lost Ursa last year, O'shota the year before that and Heidi a few years before that. Now, by the end of the month we will be back to 4 dogs again. Milly is a lovable and kind Pit mix at almost 8, Molly is a McNab/Border collie around 9 and Dutch looks like a red colored Weimaramer mix. And of course my Chelsea is a McNab Jack Russell mix. I may have to rethink about getting a Leer cap now.


    ps I have three other friends named Pam
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