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      Fantastic Post! I am inquiring about the last picture with your JL Audio 8" micro sub box.

      I too am looking to install an JL Audio micro sub, except with the built in amplifier. Here is the weblink for reference:ACP110LG-TW1 - Car Audio - Subwoofer Systems - MicroSub+? - JL Audio

      Question, an 8-inch is too small for my audio needs. However, the 10" single sub TW1 amplified will be perfect.

      The dimensions on this enclosure are:
      External Width (W) 21 in
      External Height (H) 13.5 in
      External Depth (D) 6.625 in

      The only one that seems to concern me is the Height, laying it down like your enclosure with the JL lettering facing upwards, the 8 inch box. Here are the 8" Micro sub dimensions:
      External Width (W) 18.5 in
      External Height (H) 11.125 in
      External Depth (D1) 5.125 in.

      The Height, again laying down with the JL lettering facing upwards, is 11.125 in. I see it fits underneath the Rigdeline's Right rear location without any issues.

      The 10" sub enclosure is only 13.5 in, will that fit?
      It is only about 2.4 inches wider.
      If it can't sit exactly flat, that is alright.
      As long as the seat can fold down on top of it and lock.

      Any opinions or feedback is greatly appreciated.

      Thanks I am going to be purchasing the G2 in 2018, here in a few months. Just trying to pay off some bills first.

      It will be a 2018 RTL-E in Obsidian Blue Pearl. That much I know :wink:[/QUOTE]

      Anyone have any information?

      Thanks in advance.
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      I have the JL Audio ACP110LG-TW1 MICROSUB+ Fits perfect under the rear seat, it has a quick disconnect so it makes it easy to unplug when the space is needed.

      It is better than stock for sure, this sub is for SQ (sound quality) do not expect to wake up neighbors or be setting off alarms. It makes music enjoyable and when you feel a little wild, boosting the bass knobs gives you enough lows/punch for a little smile and some mild rear view mirror shake.

      I have just purchased a JL Audio CP110LG-TW1-2 MicroSub™ slot-ported enclosure with one 10" TW1-2 subwoofer at Crutchfield and it looks to be the exact same dimensions as what you have, BUT it didnt fit.

      I am wondering if you did some voodoo magic to get it to fit? 2020 Ridgeline

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