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      Hopefully this is the right place to post this.

      I picked this 2021 Pearl White BE 3/25/21 after patiently waiting for the 1st one to show up at the dealer. I had already inquired back in January and they tried to sell me on a 2020 RTL but didn't like the color. 3 months later the dealer told me a Pearl White BE was coming in. Was given a hell of a deal that I could not say no to and had a 2019 HRV that I wanted to trade in and take advantage of the 0% APR.

      Unfortunately, it came with a Utility Package that I did not want but ultimately didn't get charged for. It's slowly growing on me.

      Originally was thinking about a sport but fell in love with the black and red seats which remind me of Type R seats, blacked out accents and the Hondas Pearl White 😍.

      so the journey begins......

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      Hello, I have a similar 2021, window sticker calls it Platinum White, is this a different white ? Thanks

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