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  1. DIY Trunk Dividers & Shelf

    2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    Actually, Tool__Man, that is some aluminum angle (I believe 1/2") I got at Home Depot that I spray painted black. The groove just happened to perfectly fit over the piece of PVC wood material I used for the dividers (got that at Lowe's). I used 3M double stick tape to adhere the aluminum to the...
  2. Alpine, Please Say It Ain’t So about the iLX-007

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Oddly reaction quite muted here on the ROC. When my son posted the sad news on Reddit, it lit up like a Christmas tree. Also Alpine is very quiet, of course. The take-away I derived from Reddit responses is that Alpine doesn't care. It would rather say nothing so as not to interfere with new...
  3. Alpine, Please Say It Ain’t So about the iLX-007

    1G Mobile Electronics
    My son purchased his iLX-007 Alpine CarPlay unit in January of 2015 — three months before I did and had been routinely checking Alpine’s website over the course of the intervening 4.5 years for firmware updates. His HU always seemed to be a tad buggy when compared to mine. According to the...
  4. It's Never Too Late

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Thanks. Will definitely scour. Had several things I needed to pay much more attention to ... some health related...but basically a reset on a number of fronts. Many improvements going on here at the homestead. Low-E windows and hardy board siding among the many aspects of literally getting...
  5. It's Never Too Late

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I know many of you may find this laughable. After 4 years with my Alpine CarPlay, I, with the indispensable help of my son, finally got all the steering wheel controls assigned specific tasks. Of course, changing out the datalink module with the right one for the job didn’t hurt. Frankly, the...
  6. Now That's Customer Service

    1G Mods, Installs and How-To's
    You are true to your word, Danny Kaifetz. Texted him last week over a cam I inadvertently broke while removing my lever-action release, passenger-side hood strut — part of a set I got from Adirondack Flagpoles a year and a half ago. In short order, Danny texted back, saying, not 1 but 2 cams...
  7. Happy Birthday to You, Happy...

    Off Topic Section
    Look no further than me. MRI discovery of a stress fracture I'd been walking on for almost 2 months didn't help. Orthopedist has sidelined me for 6 weeks, going well into next month. Plus, semi-retirement seems to be suiting me just fine. So the leaner mileage count did not surprise me...
  8. Happy Birthday to You, Happy...

    Off Topic Section
    My deja vu radar kicked in on my way back from the pharmacy. Pulled over to grab a shot as the Green Machine clocked mile number 180,000. Then remembered today is the Green Machine's 12th birthday and that I posted its 170,000th mile on this thread 1 year ago today. What were chances of the...
  9. Oil leak.

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hmmmm. Could the plot be thickening? Very interesting. Bears some investigating. Did not know that.
  10. Upgraded with Plasti-Dip & Sidesteps

    1G Mods, Installs and How-To's
    @news2u: Dont let this get to your head, but I dont think I have ever been as envy as I am with your truck, with anything else. Every time I see your truck, it is almost like the time stood still when it came to you. Your truck is just fabulous. Appreciate it, Smuf. Multiple, 10 minute...
  11. Oil leak.

    1G Problems & Issues
    Yep, more than likely your V-Tec gaskets. Mine were replaced back in March. No more leaks. My second time though. Had an oil pan leak fixed in 2015, and they were replaced then, too.
  12. TYC radiator

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    My mechanic says he's installed a bunch of TYC's and has had no complaints. Mine arrived nicely packaged and without a scratch thru Amazon: $108. My first replacement done at 176K miles 5 months ago. No issues to date.
  13. bed-liner

    1G Exterior
    Durable stuff. The bed before and now, 16 months after being coated with Line-X.
  14. Wow! That Was Fast--FIGS Strut Failure (solved)

    1G Accessories
    My complaint was never about the bottom brackets, because unlike the defective, below company standard, buckle-prone upper brackets, they never showed any sign of stress or compromise. I also agree the make-do, bandaid fix FIGS offered you in lieu of the original design using the stronger...
  15. Wow! That Was Fast--FIGS Strut Failure (solved)

    1G Accessories
    I have little doubt that if made to specification, which yours apparently were, those FIGS struts perform admirably and probably will continue to do so. The design is slick, requires no drilling of holes or other modifications to the RL and couldn't be simpler to install. That and good reviews...
  16. Wow! That Was Fast--FIGS Strut Failure (solved)

    1G Accessories
    Re: Wow! That Was Fast--FIGS Strut Failureq Clearly the problem didn't go away and, as a result, at least 1 other ROC member with a G1 Ridge has experienced the same fate I did with a pair of strut brackets manufactured by FIGS. Which may well beg the question, how many struts did FIGS sell...
  17. Wow! That Was Fast--FIGS Strut Failure (solved)

    1G Accessories
    Thanks for getting with me, speedlever, to discuss my concerns and get to bottom of this before your post. Back when I reported the issue I noticed how easily part of the upper mounting plate would easily bend and separate from the hood. That's why I would gingerly lower the hood, applying equal...
  18. Cabinet makers in the house?

    Off Topic Section
    Nice pkg. Transitions flow beautifully. Well played, as they say.
  19. Cabinet makers in the house?

    Off Topic Section
    A flood didn't force us; it was the old, builder grade cabinetry we could no longer stomach. Never done it before, but I psyched myself up one weekend and tore out ours and put new ones in using what was stock cabinets at the time from Lowe's. Cabinets go in exactly the way they came out. They...
  20. Rivian Electric Pickup

    Other Cars, Trucks and Bikes
    Can you say merger? I wonder how many pre-orders have been taken. From what I've read, the company isn't breathing a word. I remember telling my wife when Tesla's debuted its 1st production model in '08 the pressure was on, and that if Musk had indeed proven the naysayers wrong -- with not just...
1-20 of 183 Results