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  1. Transfer case?

    1G Problems & Issues
    I agree. Replacing halfshafts to fix something that gets much worse after the work does not point a person to the transfer case. It sort of sounds to me like the shop isn’t familiar with how the Ridgeline’s AWD system works, so they’re maybe thinking of a noise they’d hear on standard American...
  2. Replacement spark plugs

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    There’s a huge amount of either fake or likely ‘seconds’ or defective EVERYTHING on flea bay. I like to buy from my dealer and my local auto parts store.
  3. Video: Winter vs other tire types

    2G Tires, Wheels & Suspension
    I bought a set of Nokian Hakkapeliitta Q tires for a Subaru Legacy sedan years ago. Where I lived then we got freezing rain and some snow all winter. The Qs were an ice-focused winter tire, and they were stunningly good in those conditions. They’re expensive, but if a person has a need for a...
  4. Thermostat discussion

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    I'd like to talk about thermostats. I think I might need to update my understanding of thermostats are labeled these days. There's a thread under active discussion at the time I write this about timing belt replacement, and the topic of the thermostat came up. Here's the piece that piqued my...
  5. Too soon to drain/refill coolant at low miles, high years?

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    Can we talk about this topic? I'll start another thread. I think I need to update my understanding of how thermostats are labeled these days.
  6. 911 HELP! Transmission Overfilled

    1G Problems & Issues
    Agreed. It’s a doozy of a scattered thread.
  7. 4 vs 6 cylinder function

    Second Generation Ridgeline (2G 2017+)
    And they can get the oil pressure to change fast enough to disconnect the rockers at exactly BDC of the intake stroke on each cylinder every time, eh? That's pretty cool, if it actually happens that way.
  8. oil pressure light

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    There's just neither accuracy nor utility gained in this discussion by attempting to 'correct' OP on his completely proper and accurate use of the term "sensor." Whether the sensor is binary or not is irrelevant to his issue and the discussion. (-:
  9. oil pressure light

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    Well, since you want to be accurate— Oil pressure switches are a type of oil pressure sensor. All pressure switches are pressure sensors, but not all pressure sensors are pressure switches.
  10. 4 vs 6 cylinder function

    Second Generation Ridgeline (2G 2017+)
    How do they do that? Is the DI version of the J35 (finally) equipped with hydraulic lifters that they cut oil flow to? Do they cut oil flow independently to each of the three (3 separate oiling circuits with 3 separate solenoids)?
  11. Under-Floor Three Way Catalytic Converter (TWC) Issue

    1G Problems & Issues
    To be fair, it may not be too terribly long before another pipe rusts away, but good for you finding a shop that would repair rather than only replace!
  12. Seafoam trans tune?

    1G Problems & Issues
    The only thing I know of that actually cleans but which does so safely, slowly, and well is Auto-RX (now Auto-RX Plus). I had it clean up the ring pack and restore compression on a low-compression cylinder in an old Subaru I owned, when pretty well everything else on the shelf did not help. It...
  13. Transmission issues

    1G Problems & Issues
    Right, we agree on that. That’s why I posted that “it will be good for the tranny overall.”
  14. Transmission issues

    1G Problems & Issues
    You may have some varnish built up in a solenoid or elsewhere that’s impeding proper operation, causing a clunk. I disagree that fresh ATF will ‘clean’ anything significantly, but it will be good for the tranny overall. Sometimes a couple to few fluid changes clears up a delayed-engagement...
  15. Recommended fluids

    First Generation Ridgeline (1G 2006-2014)
    You’ll purchase a 1-qt (or 1-L) bottle of gear oil for the transfer gear case, and you’ll use about half (a bit more, in my case). You’ll purchase a 1-gallon jug of the VTM-4 fluid from Honda for the rear end, and you’ll use...3/4(?) of it. You’ll probably want to buy 4 quarts of ATF for a...
  16. Interior, for active Family Ridgeline vs Town&Country AWD

    1G Interior
    Our Ridgeline has been our family vacation vehicle for a few years now. It works very well in that role for us, apart from using way more fuel than a sedan. As compared to a minivan, the Ridgeline obviously has vastly less interior seating and storage space. It has a big open bed instead. I...
  17. oil pressure light

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    If you determine that an internal engine cleaning is in order, I strongly recommend Auto-RX rather than any other strategy. It works safely, effectively, and slowly. I’ve used it many times over the years, and have experienced everything from cleanup or varnish to in-sticking of rings and...
  18. oil pressure light

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    I’m sorry to hear the news. Opinion: If the engine still runs well and is not using or losing large quantities of oil, it may not be “bad.” Here’s another thing you can try: Run a 10w30 or a 0- or 5w40 for a bit and see whether that prevents the low oil pressure light coming on. If it does...
  19. Malware pop ups on this site

    Community Help
    Ghostery (and disabling pop-ups?) seems to prevent the issue for me in Safari. On Firefox, Malwarebytes has an extension that's been outstandingly helpful internet-wide.
  20. Malware pop ups on this site

    Community Help
    I've been running Malwarebytes Premium for 2 or 3 years without interruption. The Mac and mobile device are clean. As I said, either the Malwarebytes extension (desktop Firefox, and the mobile device) or an ad blocking extension (Safari) prevents the issue, and while in theory I'd like to...
1-20 of 196 Results