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  1. Who here has owned the most Honda's???

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    6 civics, 2 crxs, 5 integras, 1 CBR, 1 Shadow, 2 del sols, 1 s2000, 1 ridgeline
  2. FS: custom RL in-dash touchscreen for carputer (and more)

    Trading Post
    you have a PM, sir. =)
  3. ATS Fender Flare Revival?

    1G Exterior minus the front lip
  4. ATS Fender Flare Revival?

    1G Exterior
    I called ATS & spoke with Rick about the possibility of bringing the Ridgeline fender flares back into production. He said that if there were an order for at least 10 pairs then they would make them again. priced around $500 shipped per set, so anyone interested in ordering as well? I'm sure...
  5. hellloooo out there.. 2013 Ridgeline Sport inside..

    Greetings & Introductions
    congrats on the RL! welcome to the forum!!
  6. How Goes it?

    Greetings & Introductions
    Small world because I work on Fort Polk! lemme know if they need any info on the area!
  7. Usa spec interface

    Trading Post
    Sold to me, received and installed! Thanks again! Sent from Free App
  8. FS: ATS Design Fender Flares, Unpainted

    Trading Post
    I meant the fender flares, not really into hood scoops :) Sent from Free App
  9. How Goes it?

    Greetings & Introductions
    :D i would've been stupid to pass it up.
  10. SO Yeah.... Fender Flares??

    1G Exterior
    yes indeed:D i would like to see some pics as well
  11. SO Yeah.... Fender Flares??

    1G Exterior
    which ones? oem? & do they just install on top of the body fenders? like a body kit almost? kinda wondering what would be the big difference in flare
  12. WTB: Retrofit Headlights

    Trading Post
    ditto for me! but definitely give hybridamp first dibs!
  13. How Goes it?

    Greetings & Introductions
    hows it going? new here from Central Louisiana (CenLa). just recently bought my 2007 Ridgeline from my dad who had bought it brand new. I love the truck (kinda always been a Honda nut anyways). always looking to learn new things & have some fun offroad (love camping, etc). been surfing the...
  14. SO Yeah.... Fender Flares??

    1G Exterior
    I know there was a year old thread on Fender Flares, but I'd like to start another haha. Does anyone have any leads on fender flares for the ridgeline? I have been round & round the web but keep getting a dead end.:act060: I know that ATS used to make them & those are actually the ones I...
  15. FS: ATS Design Fender Flares, Unpainted

    Trading Post
    gonna go out on a limb here, but were these ever sold? i know this thread is nearly 5 years old, but hey..ya never know haha.
  16. newbie from La, sup!

    Gulf Coast Ridgeline Owners
    sup everyone? been visiting the thread for a few months now, but haven't said hello yet! My name's Kaleb & I've been building Hondas for the racetrack since the 90s & bought my 2007 RTL to pull my Honda track cars. Figured if I'm racing Hondas then I should be pulling the trailer with a Honda...
  17. Usa spec interface

    Trading Post
    pm sent!!!!! =)
  18. Brush Guard for sale

    Trading Post
    would you ship it? if so, how much shipped to 71446?
  19. FS: USA SPEC PA11-HON2 Honda Auxiliary Input and iPod Adapter

    Trading Post
    The PA11-HOND2 requires a CAS-HON2Y cable (sold separately) to work with factory Navigation and/or XM receiver in Civic, CRV, Odyssey, Pilot, Ridgeline, S2000, RL, TL, MDX, TSX Source: hope this helps :-) it's still a great deal, especially if...
1-19 of 19 Results