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Showcase cover image for Commodore's 2003 Jaguar XKR convertible

General Information

XKR convertible
Dark cobalt blue
everything Jag had at the time
Bought this Jag in 2014 with just under 40K showing. It was a one owner West Coast car with all the toys. It probably never left Rodeo Drive in Hollywood with its first owner. This XKR was sold new and serviced by the same Jag dealership throughout its west coast life (I have all the records). Odometer will see about 45 K by end of 2017.
2003 Jaguar XKR convertible (Dark cobalt blue)


Stock Jaguar 4.2L supercharged 390 hp V8. Not enough grunt to go racing with but no slug. 0-60 runs in mid 5 second range isn't awful for a 4,000 plus pound car. The XKR exhaust note is to quiet unless you really wind it up. I have little interest in going to the aftermarket to make this car sound like something it really isn't. I'll leave the stainless steel exhaust system the way it is.
As delivered and showing no wear. I have no clue why Jaguar even bothered to put back seats in these cars? In reality the back seats are no more than leather upholstered package trays with back rests.
Flawless. I found an owner with a same color XK8 (non supercharged) and swapped out my XKR hood (the XKR hoods had hood grills) for his standard non grilled hood (I thought the Jag vents on the XKR looked kind of inexpensive - the other guy didn't). I could care less about resale with the now vent less hood as these cars used are so inexpensive it really wouldn't matter. Buying a used Jag is easy - repairing one that hasn't been maintained can beat you up big time (parts are "pricey").
Original factory Alpine audio system w/nav, 5 CD changer (in the trunk) and auto reverse cassette player. Alpine did a nice job with this sound system and it really sounds good considering that it's 14 year old tech. Back in 2003 a five inch GPS screen was pretty slick! Wish there were an easy way to put in an Aux input so I could plug in an MP3 player but all the work needed to do it really isn't worth the effort. This system sounds remarkably good even with the top down.
Wheel and Tire
Optional 19 x 8 aluminum Jaguar wheels.



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