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Showcase cover image for Removing rear seat plastic trims

General Information

Steel blue metallic
6th owner, 151,000 miles on the clock
This is a photo series for owners wanting to get to the back window sliding mechanism, the rear subwoofer, or to the rear seat cushion cable guides. Once you know where the snap fasteners are and what kind they are, it’s easier to get the pieces off without breaking them. Other posters show where the bolts are and the order of disassembly but don’t show the snaps and clips very well, this is meant to supplement those postings. Apologies for the random order of the photos my posting skills are non-existent

A look at the bottom side of the back seat- back window trim showing the types of fasteners. The black colored push connectors are typical at each location, however, there is a second molded grey plastic catch near my thumb in photo above- those only occur on each end- none in middle.

OEM cable guide pulley. One broke the other hasn’t yet, but they’re both getting replaced with metal ones

This photo shows how the cable guide covers are attached , so you can get in and replace guide pulley when it breaks. (Back seat legs stop retracting in the up position)

Plastic rear seat back/ Window trim covers the back window cable mechanism (white plastic in photo above), for those of you with power sliding windows.

To remove the seat top trim, pry up on the locations shown in photo below. There are two different types of snap fasteners at the ends, but both are removed by prying straight upwards.

Push pin style fastener at two locations through sound deadening material

Snap fastner locations marked with blue tape. Once the push pins are removed from the two plastic tabs hanging down, use a plastic trim removal tool pry straight up on the top cap at the indicated positions
Note: there are two snaps at each end, one at all the other locations ( shown in one of the other photos)



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