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2008 ridgeline rtl

  1. 2008 Ridgeline Stereo/Bluetooth Questions!

    1G Mobile Electronics
    OK so I've had my Ridgeline for a while now. I'm sick of my substandard bluetooth visor adapter and fm stereo hookup. I know there is a bluetooth adapter for the stereo itself as i was told that by a honda tech last time i was getting my oil changed. I have a budget of about 150-200 bucks more...
  2. 3erd Honda not including my Lawn Mower or Quad

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi All, Well - I just checked and I first registered on this site 05-18-2014 @ 07:38 PM! Guess you can say I have been lurking since 2005, but as of yesterday I own my First Ridgeline. It was a CarMax Deal - 2008 RTL w/Nav, Roof, and Tow pkg - NE Truck with 60K on the clock. Looks like I may...
  3. Parting out 08 RTL in Ohio - Need Advise

    Midwest Ridgeline Owners
    I currently have a parts donor vehicle with no engine or transmission that is a salvage rebuilt title. Too much work needed and too many miles to put it together, but most of the parts are still in amazing shape. I can't post items for sale on here, but if you have any ideas other than...