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  1. First Generation Ridgeline (1G 2006-2014)
    Bought a new 2010 limited ridgeline in October 2010. It has performed essentially flawlessly. Has had routine maintenance. A few years ago I passed it on to one of my kids. I recently took it in to get serviced since my son is a starving grad student. He has not been super at keeping it up. This...
  2. 1G Mods, Installs and How-To's
    Hi all! So while my 2010 Ridgeline is still looking pretty flawless, I've encounter a problem and I wonder if you all have any suggestions. The bolts that hold the flange closed directly behind my cat have failed and I would surmise that the nuts have come off. Its the only part of my exhaust...
1-2 of 2 Results