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  1. Greetings & Introductions
    Just brought this used (15,000 miles) 2020 Sport home from the dealership. First truck in 20 years. Looking forward to stalking the forums for accessories and more. Any tips on floor mats and tonneau covers (that don’t impede the trunk) are appreciated.
  2. Second Generation Ridgeline (2G 2017+)
    I have been shopping for tires that would potentially add a slight bit more of ground clearance to my Ridgeline without a leveling kit, any rub, or massively affecting driving dynamics. I was potentially looking at a 255 65 18 but I have no idea whether that will rub or not. I know hardly...
  3. 2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    Hello everyone. New to the Honda and my first Ridgeline. Traded my old Ram 1500 to downsize to this jewel and loving it. I want to install a crossover tool box and many internet sites reject any size because (I think) they use the old Ridgeline truck measurements with the sloping back that make...
  4. 2G Audio, Bluetooth, Electronics & Navigation
    Call/email/facebook ask iDatalink Maestro to support our Hondas. They havent updated the support since 2018. iDatalinkMaestro Why you ask? Have full engine specs and guages on your aftermarket stereo screen. I added Kenwoods DMX906S and love the wireless...
1-4 of 4 Results