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  1. 2G Tires, Wheels & Suspension
    I saw in facebook marketplace a full size 2014 Honda RL wheel with18X7.5 offset 45. The 2022 RL have a wheel measurement of 18x8 45. Will the 2014 RL wheel fit on the new RL. Thank you.
  2. 2G Photo Gallery
    Enkei YX-5 with 265/45-20 Conti ExtremeContact DWS 06 PLUS. Just copying the Passport RTL-E. Really like the Passport rims, but my dealer wanted $600 just for the rims. I think these work. May sell the factory rims/tires - 1200 miles. Now: 5% tint, Truxedo Pro X15, Rocky Mounts fork mount...
  3. 2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    Picked up my Ridgeline RTL from Honda of Lincoln (Nebraska) on December 17. "Radiant Red" with black leather guts. They had already installed Honda splash guards, and completed a "Protection Package" (Honda all-season mats, Interior and Paint Protection) but they didn't tack on anything else...
  4. 01 LF.jpg

    Left Front at the dealership
  5. 03 RR.jpg

    Right Rear at the dealership
  6. 02 Box Opened.jpg

    Opened box to show packaging
  7. 03 Brackets.jpg

    Brackets installed on bed sides, rails ready to install
  8. 08 Right Rear.jpg

    Left Rear showing completed installation
  9. 06 Right Rear.jpg

    Right Rear showing completed installation
1-10 of 10 Results