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  1. VSA, VTM-4, ABS, /!\ lights on AND Horn does not Beep on 2nd Key Fob Lock

    1G Problems & Issues
    There are many threads on the forum about these lights being stick on (with or without CEL ) Recently (last 2 weeks) the above 4 lights came on intermittently. As Skeeter7424 opined in post451593 The lights generally clear for me after 2 cold starts (ie it's on in the morning. I drive to...
  2. Brake problem after washing truck?

    1G Problems & Issues
    I don't really post here but I use this site all the time for the vast amount of info. While I have found some good info related to my issue, the way it came about has me stumped and I can't find any posts that address the issue my 2007 RTL has right now. I am in Virginia and we just had snow...
  3. Multiple lights on for a bit, then gauge cluster flatlined. Dealer overcharging?

    1G Problems & Issues
    Sorry for the long post, but this has been a strange one. BLUF: the gauges died/went on the fritz, and after a week and a half of "troubleshooting", they want to replace the "Combination Gauge Meter" to the tune of $1457. Worried I'm being ripped off. Preemptive: *it's not the battery*. It's...
  4. Traction Concerns

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hi Everybody - As you all probably know, weather here in Chicago has been terrible, and it's raised some questions for me re: my Ridgeline's performance in snow and ice. I used to think that my RT had amazing traction and handling in virtually all conditions, as most have reported on this...
  5. Wheel speed sensor issue

    1G Problems & Issues
    I recently replaced the driver's side front wheel bearing and when I finished and went for a test drive there were three different error lights showing. all related to the wheel speed sensor on that side I assume. The repair went well. I was very careful with the speed sensor before removing the...
  6. VTM-4 Alarm & Error codes

    1G Problems & Issues
    My 2007 model Ridgeline comes up with a VTM-4 alarm after some minutes of driving. I got the following error codes when downloading codes to a PC at the local Honda workshop: ABS/VSA: 91-1 68-1 Body: B1008 B1060 B1061 At low speed the car has a low noise from the right front tier. The noise...
  7. Check ABS System, Check VSA System

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hello, I have a brand new 2011 RTL w/ Nav. and i just hit 3000 miles on it a few days ago. For the past 2-3 weeks the "Check ABS System" and "Check VSA System" lights go on intermittently. I have no idea what could be causing it. If i turn it off and turn it back on it goes away. Sometimes...