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  1. 2019 RTL-T Acceleration Issue

    2G Problems, Fixes & TSB's
    Recently purchased a 2019 RTL-T 2WD. The more I drive it, the more I suspect there might be an issue with the way the engine is responding to my request for acceleration. Looking for any info you all might have. Here is what I’ve noticed: At any speed, usually 50mph, if I come completely off...
  2. Pinging under hard acceleration and high RPM

    1G Under The Hood / Performance
    I am having a problem that seems to be getting worse as time goes on. When I need(or more usually want:D) to get up to speed quickly, I will run the RPM up to 6000, or just under the redline at 6250rpm. From about 5500-6000 the engine will ping. When I got the truck, it the pinging was BARELY...