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  1. Emergency tailgate release cable cover

    2G Problems, Fixes & TSB's
    So after taking delivery of my truck I found(with the help of this site) that I was missing a cover with keyhole for the tailgate emergency release(open).I think this may only be for RTL-Es and above but I could be wrong. I went to dealer and they were able to order the cover which came in today...
  2. Solid Fold Tonneau for Sale

    2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    Good Afternoon, I have a Solid Fold Tonneau Cover for sale. It fits 2017+ Gen2 Ridgelines. It's in great shape! It came with the truck when I bought it, but I decided to get a Camper Shell instead. Easy install, just repace the top 4 Tie down hooks. I'm asking $500. It's normally $949...
  3. DIY Extended Bed Rack.

    Racks, Hitches & Towing
    Completing my Extended Bed Rack (without drilling holes in the truck). I used the upper, rear tie-downs.
  4. Moonroof visor...yes or no?

    2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    I’m working on a deal for a 2019 RTL-E. So do I need the moonroof visor? I had one on my 2009 Ridgeline and thought it reduced the wind noise with the moonroof open. Is it needed for a gen 2 Ridgeline? Thanks
  5. First-time Honda owner

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hello - First I want to thank everyone for this great resource - the info provided here is invaluable. I used this site extensively while shopping this purchase, which has taken the better part of a year. ( I am a slow learner :wink:) The rest of this post will be a recap of my Ridgeline...
  6. Free Tonneau Cover available

    Miscellaneous/General Honda Ridgeline Discussions
    If you live in upstate NY and need a cover for your ridgeline, i would like to get rid of mine. If interested, email [email protected]
  7. SAVE MONEY on OEM & Aftermarket Accessories

    1G Accessories
    Competitively Priced ACCESSORIES and Aftermarket Additions!!! Please REPLY with your findings as well. I know there are many threads discussing accessories, but I wanted I just want to share the love and save my RL family money... These are the top savings I found after tons of researching...
  8. Pitch and roll gauge with altimeter

    1G Interior
    Does anyone know where to find a halfway decent looking pitch roll gauge with altimeter, that would look pretty decent in the Ridgeline without drilling any holes? I could probebly download an app on my phone that does it but i'd rather have a device that i can glance over at any time.
  9. P.A system

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I want one to screw around, im in highschool and its fun. can anyone list exactly what i need, and give instructions?pics of your installation would be awesome too, Im not sure where i would put the speaker.
  10. Running boards price help

    1G Accessories
    Looking to get a set of running boards for my 2010 RTS. Where can I get a good price and are they fairly simple to install? Our first child will be arriving in a few days and I'd like to get this done ASAP.
  11. FS: Bunch of ridge accessories

    Trading Post
    Hi Guys - Still have some accessories I never sold. FOB Louisville, KY - All OEM Honda 1) Rear underseat cargo tray, gray, great shape - $50 2) Rear underbed storage compartment floor mat, black - $30 Paypal / Cash only. Any questions email me at [email protected] Thanks!