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  1. Air conditioner intermittently cooler

    2G Problems, Fixes & TSB's
    Wouldn't notice this except the vents are pointed at my hands on the driving wheel. It seems like the ac blows colder for a few seconds then cooler but not warm then repeats the cycle. Just wondering if I should do something or if this is normal. Just bought this truck and am hoping I don't have...
  2. a/c not cooling and high beams are not working

    1G Problems & Issues
    I have a 2008 Ridgeline with 29,000 miles. The problem is that the a/c stops blowing cold air and when this happens I noticed that the high beams don't work. After it sits for anhour or two the a/c works fine and the high beams also work again. Anti freeze level is fine as is the pollen filter...
  3. No AC or Chemical AC when on

    1G Problems & Issues
    I have an 08 RTL with 166k miles. It hasn't really given me any problems. A few weeks ago I noticed that the air conditioning wasn't blowing particularly cold when I started it up. It seemed like it was just blowing whatever ambient air through the vents. Eventually the AC kicked on, but there...
  4. My A/C does not come on. Nothing at all.

    1G Problems & Issues
    The A/C was working great today on first outing. When I returned to my truck the A/C did not come on. I tried shutting it off, switching from Auto mode, adjusting the temperature - nothing at all. Not air movement or any indication that any of my control changes were registered. I'm hoping...
  5. Weird AC problem

    1G Problems & Issues
    Today was hotter than 'you know what' and I tried to use my AC for only the second or third time. I noticed that the AC wasn't blowing cold. I kept tinkering with it and found that the passenger side was blowing plenty cold (both front and rear) but the drivers side was warm (both front and...
  6. Strange noise when first turning on AC (air conditioning)

    1G Problems & Issues
    Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere on the forum. I've searched "AC", A/C", "air conditioning" and "air conditioner", none of which seem to mention the issue I'm having. Been staying in the Phoenix area the past few months, and the past weekends have been warm. Here's the issue: I...
  7. AC Short?

    1G Problems & Issues
    I have reviewed the A/C posts and I don't see anything that matches my issue. When I turn on the ignition the A/C display lights up (giving Temp, Fan Position, Etc.) but does not begin blowing. Changing Modes, Fan Speed, Recirc, etc. does not cause the fan to blow. If I leave tthe A/C in an...
  8. Air Conditioning Broken!

    1G Problems & Issues
    Hey guys, I am kind of in a pickle. This Saturday my wife and I are moving to North Carolina (from Ohio). My AC has been working strong for the last month or so, but today on the way home from work I had it cranked full blast and the air coming from the vents wasnt cool. I toggled between having...