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  1. Alternator/ Battery Question-- For 800w LED light bar

    1G Interior
    All- Considering a 32W LED Light bar (PHILIPS 7D+ 32" INCH 810W TRI-ROW LED LIGHT BAR SPOT FLOOD COMBO WORK OFFROAD) which is listed ~ 800W (translates ~68A @12V). Couple of questions-- 1. Whats the current output rating of the stock alternator? Will the stock alternator is good enough to...
  2. Battery drain Ugh!

    1G Problems & Issues
    2008 Ridgeline RTL 60K miles JANUARY 4TH 2015 Replaced an almost 3 year old aftermarket battery because it was dead and had been struggling to start car every morning for about a week prior. Auto parts guy checked battery and alternator and because it was charging, warrantied the battery...
  3. To capacitor or not to capacitor, that is the question.

    1G Mobile Electronics
    I'm about a week away from my install date and am doing the last minute panic. I'm running a JL 500/1v2 and a JL 300/4v2 and I like to listen loud. I know the stock alternator puts out 130Amps and they make a high output that pushes 195amps for about $250 and they make insane battery capacitors...