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  1. 2G Interior
    I just took my first fairly long trip in my 2021 RTL-E and everything seems to work just fine. I did notice that the armrest on the right was a little shorter than I thought it should be. It ends about where my arm hit the rest. I'm a bigger guy at 6'2" 250lbs. So far I've seen a replacement...
  2. 2G Interior
    I just installed the JJ products 6" drivers armrest on my 2019 Ridgeline today, It seems to be high quality and the leather is a perfect match. The install was no problem, It took less than 5 minutes from start to finish, but, here are my problems. For one, the 6" arm rest is a coupe inches...
  3. 1G Interior
    Does anyone have instruction on replacing the leather arm rest? Just the top sliding part?
1-3 of 3 Results