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  1. 1G Accessories
    So I have a first gen RTL and my aux port doesn’t seem to hold and kind of aux cord. I have to wedge my glasses case in between the port and the edge of the compartment divider to get it to read that there is a cord in it. Not sure if the port is jacked up or a different size cord would be...
  2. 1G Mods, Installs and How-To's
    Hi, So I have a 2012 Ridge line RT with no aux input area. It has the Aux button on the stereo, yet there is no where to plug in my Phone in to listen to my own music. I know I need to get this installed, im just wondering how and where I have to go to get this done. Thanks
  3. 1G Mobile Electronics
    Hello everyone. I’m new to the forum and I’ve got a question about my 06 RT. I’m trying to figure out what to buy in order to wire an auxiliary jack to my factory head unit and be able to use the aux button.. Any information would be appreciated! Thanks, D!
  4. 1G Mobile Electronics
    So I wanted to share a product that I find works extremely well if you want music to come through your stock stereo without that annoying cable to connected to the ill placed aux port. The product is called Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for Cars and I have to say that this is one...
  5. 1G Mobile Electronics
    I owned a 2004 Element up until a couple of weeks ago when the head gasket blew without warning lights or anything. Last week I bought a dark cherry pearl 2007 Ridgeline RTL with just over 30K miles on it. I absolutely love it! My question lies in the missing auxiliary jack that was in my...
1-5 of 5 Results