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back seat

  1. How does the amplified 6" Bazooka bass tube perform?

    1G Mobile Electronics
    Can anyone with the 6" Bazooka bass tube let me know how it has performed so far. I am considering installing the BTA6250D behind the back seat. Just wondering how much bass I can expect. Other options would be: Sound Ordnance BP8T Or a separate amp/sub combo which I would like to avoid for now...
  2. Pet Floor

    1G Accessories
    I wish some aftermarket company would make a platform out of hard-molded plastic that fits the entire back inside of the cab. It would be great as a foundation for lot of useful stuff to sit level, but mostly and selfishly for me to put a nice big dog bed for my pets, who have to straddle the...
  3. Rear seat cover suggestions?

    1G Interior
    I saw the post suggesting a walmart towel and a big lots rug. ;) Is there anything slightly more snug that would work as a decent back seat cover? Need it to protect against dog and kids.