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  1. 1G Accessories
    Anyone have issues with rails not staying straight closer to the tailgate? I recently purchased a Backflip G2 for my 2013 Ridgeline. Install when smooth. The issue appears to be that near the tailgate since there isn't a bolt hold used for a tie down Backflip uses a screw into the bedliner...
  2. Trading Post
    For sale is a Backflip G2 that I purchased and installed in 2008. I bought my wife an SUV and it has replaced the Ridgeline as our road trip vehicle. Therefore, I no longer need the covered bed more than I need it fully open so I'm selling to fund other projects. Please note from the pictures...
  3. 1G Accessories
    I'm New-Need Advice on a Tonneau Cover Hi All, I have been reading a lot of the threads about different Tonneau covers, I need to buy a good one that locks and a lot of you like the backflip2 do you know where I can purchase this cover for a decent price? or can you recommend a...
1-3 of 3 Results