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  1. BAKFlip HD Honda Ridgeline 2006-2011 - $200

    Trading Post
    Our 2010 Honda Ridgeline was totalled in front of our house, but the BakFlip was undamaged. We're located in the San Francisco South Bay and it is probably not worth it to ship this. If you're interested, we'll make sure first that all the required installation connectors are still available...
  2. Peragon M3 or Bakflip G2/F1

    1G Exterior
    Can't decide between Paragon M3, Bakflip G2, Bakflip F1.....have seen a lot of older reviews on here but realize companies change and hopefully improve their products. Anyone have experiences good and bad as well as pictures? I understand Peragon has excellent service but restricts the trunk...
  3. BakFlip F1 leaking on seams

    1G Accessories
    Hi All, I finally installed my BakFlip F1 that I ordered from The folks from are great and I recommend buying from them. The BakFlip F1 is great looking and very solid. So after installing the BakFLip F1, it decided to rain. I expected the leaks...
  4. Which bed cover do you guys recommend?

    1G Accessories
    Im positive I want a hard cover. Ive been looking at the bakflip covers. Anybody have pros or cons for those?
  5. BakFlip HD installed on 2011 RTL

    1G Accessories
    I installed my BakFlip HD tonneau cover on my 2011 RTL. It was a very easy install, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being most difficult, I would say the install was a 2. Everything fit perfect, cover looks really good on my truck. Install took maybe 30 minutes, including unpacking. Cover was...
  6. Question for Bakflip owners: length when folded?

    1G Accessories
    I want to buy a tonneau cover for my 06 Ridgeline, and after really considering the retrax, I've pretty much decided on the Bakflip HD or F1. I can't seem to find any details of how much room is left in the bed when the different segments are folded. The reason why I'm asking is I'm hoping to...
  7. I guess I have decided to get a Extang Solid Fold

    1G Accessories
    I have been pouring over this forum for days trying to decide which bed cover to get. First I tried to decide between Retrax and full metal jackrabbit, but i just can't decide to give up my bed space for the canister. I am try to work out of this truck doing Home Theater installations and not...
  8. Fixing the clips on BakFlip G2

    1G Mods, Installs and How-To's
    Replacing the pushrod clips on BakFlip G2 (photos) I was thinking today that this truck invites you to do things to it in a way that a family sedan just does not. :rolleyes: The second thing I did was add a BakFlip G2 to cover my rear. (First was the iPod interface. I'm sure there's more...
  9. FS: Bakflip G2

    Trading Post
    SOLD: Bakflip G2 I bought an ARE cap and now need to get rid of my Bakflip G2 cover. Love the bakflip, but I needed the extra room to haul my dogs around in... thought I would offer it up to the forum members before going elsewhere. I bought this about 18 months ago. I park in a garage at home...