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  1. Bak Flip to Access Tonneau Cover - No regrets

    1G Accessories
    My original tonneau cover was a Bak Flip VP and it lasted for ~5 years before it began to slowly disintegrate right before my eyes. For those not familiar with the VP model it had all the features you expect of a Bak Flip, but the top was covered in vinyl to make it look more like a classic...
  2. Retrax Pro Install

    2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    Hi, Wanted to provide my experience installing a RetraxPro Mx on a 2018 Ridgeline. Summary - Not bad at all. The main Spiral canister and w/top was shipped in a carton, the main side rails in a carton and the specific side rails adapters for the Ridgeline in another carton. Assembly was...
  3. Another DIY Bed Cover

    1G Exterior
    So I got tired of seeing expensive bed covers that really were not any better than I thought I could do so I went ahead and made my own. I used diamond plate aluminum sheets that were purchased cut to my specs and some angle aluminum pieces. Two of the angle aluminum were affixed to the sides...
  4. 2017 Ridgeline Bed Cap?

    2G Accessories, Performance Parts & Modifications
    Hi Guys, Any idea if a bed cap will be available? There was some talk indicating that the rear of the cab might prevent a traditional cap. Anyone heard different? Thanks.
  5. Any Lift Kits for Sale? my RL

    1G Exterior
    I have meant to post on this forum for years so here my truck. I want lift info, and am in the market for a used skyjacker kit i guess if you have a used one. I have alot a knowledge to give on the RL so please email and I'll answer your question if I can. 2007 Black RTX 75K miles. 1)...
  6. Peragon M3 or Bakflip G2/F1

    1G Exterior
    Can't decide between Paragon M3, Bakflip G2, Bakflip F1.....have seen a lot of older reviews on here but realize companies change and hopefully improve their products. Anyone have experiences good and bad as well as pictures? I understand Peragon has excellent service but restricts the trunk...
  7. OEM Bed Cover

    1G Exterior
    I was considering picking up a hardwareless OEM bed cover off eBay, so I took a look at the installation instructions, and they blew my mind. Whoever invented this thing should bury their head in shame - LOL - Check out page 3 where you remove the roof trim and install grommets...What...
  8. FS: Backflip G2

    Trading Post
    For sale is a Backflip G2 that I purchased and installed in 2008. I bought my wife an SUV and it has replaced the Ridgeline as our road trip vehicle. Therefore, I no longer need the covered bed more than I need it fully open so I'm selling to fund other projects. Please note from the pictures...
  9. Ridgeline Bed Cover recommendations?

    1G Exterior
    I'm looking for a soft bed cover for my 2009 Ridgeline. I've seen some where you simply install a track on each side and there is velcro that holds the sides of the cover down, with a latch in the rear. Any thoughts on what brand is best? Thanks for your help. PS: First Honda, and first...
  10. For Sale: Tonneau Cover Honda OEM from '06 Ridgeline

    Trading Post
    SOLD: Tonneau Cover Honda OEM from '06 Ridgeline I have an original Honda OEM Bed Tonneau Cover in excellent condition from my 2006 Ridgeline. It's a great cover, but selling to get a lightweight system. New sells for $1200+, I'll sell for $750 or reasonable offer. I live in the central...
  11. Which bed cover do you guys recommend?

    1G Accessories
    Im positive I want a hard cover. Ive been looking at the bakflip covers. Anybody have pros or cons for those?
  12. RETRAX Releases All New RetraxPRO!

    RETRAX is proud to introduce the all new RetraxPRO retractable pickup bed cover! All of the same great RETRAX technology but with a twist...all aluminum construction! This cover is made of heavy duty aluminum slats connected by durable and flexible thermoplastic elastomer seals. It glides on...
  13. RETRAX releases all new PROTRAX cover

    RETRAX announces the release of the all new PROTRAX Retractable Pickup Bed Cover. This unique cover is constructed of heavy duty aluminum slats, which are connected by flexible hinges to create a durable and weather tight seal. The cover also looks great; with its glossy black powder coated...
  14. Access Bed Cover

    1G Mods, Installs and How-To's
    Yesterday I paid for an install of an Access Bed cover at a local authorized shop. The install took 1 hour longer than it should have, and later in the day I realized that I now can't open the trunk all the way because of the rail that the cover is attached to. The installer cut the metal rail...
  15. Hello I have a retrax bed cover like new for sale in Chattanooga TN area.

    1G Accessories
    I have a like new retrax bed cover for sale in the chattanooga tennessee area, can't fit my atv in the bed with it on is the only reason I am selling it. want 800 for it, they are like 1200 new, but make me some offers and we can deal. also would trade for some aftermarket 22 inch wheels for my...
  16. Which bed cover?

    1G Exterior
    Help. Confused about which bed cover to get. My considerations: 1. Must look great 2. Won't leak 3. Easy to get out of the way if loading bikes 4. Long lasting/warranty 5. Allows me to get into it easily even if its covered in snow or ice - some of these things look like they'd seize or not...
  17. Yes, another bed cover thread

    1G Accessories
    First, don't flame me. I've used the search and read a bunch of threads on different covers. I know the response that's coming from some people before they even read the thread ("everyone likes the cover they chose" and "the cover you choose depends on your needs and budget"). That much I'm...